Tile & Flooring Installation

From cement and fiber backers, to self-leveling floor underlayments, membranes and accessories, our revolutionary portfolio of tile and flooring products are versatile, easily installed and deliver performance you can trust.

  • Membranes


    Together, DUROCK™ Tile Membrane and  DUROCK™ Tile Membrane Adhesive provide water and mold resistance and high-performance crack-isolation in bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and hallway wall and flooring installations.

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  • Accessories


    From sealants and tile backer screws to backer tape and protector paper, our accessories offer high-performance installation and protection to ensure the most high-quality final construction.

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  • Floor Patch & Skim Coat


    Quick-setting and easy-mixing, our floor patch and skim base coats are ideal for a variety of interior applications, including ceramic and quarry tile, wood and interior concrete and properly prepared residues of cutback and other non water-soluble adhesives on concrete.

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