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Career Development at USG

The Opportunities are Endless. Travel Upward and Outward

A rewarding career at USG is seldom about the path of least resistance but always about challenge and growth. Whether your journey stretches across the straight and narrow or takes an unconventional turn, your future opportunities at USG are wide open. Employees are encouraged to take active roles in their career paths, building upon an already strong desire to grow and collaborate in unconventional and imaginative ways.

Exciting relocation opportunities are available across the board in USG locations worldwide. In fact, relocation is part of the game for many job opportunities at USG. Whenever this is the case, USG is dedicated to providing an attractive relocation package that is sensitive to taking care of your financial needs while minimizing disruptions to your personal life wherever possible. As you take responsibility for your goals, we'll help you manage your career for success and fulfillment. Our management team will provide the mentoring, training and encouragement that are in step with your individual needs and interests, with the understanding that those needs may change as you grow with the company. Ultimately, you take responsibility for the road you’ll travel. But we’ll help you stay in control every step of the way.

Education Assistance The USG Education Assistance Program is designed to encourage self-development to enhance current performance and assist in preparing for future opportunities. The Corporation will provide tuition refunds for approved graduate and undergraduate tuition, books and registration fees. 
Short Term Education Plan The Short Term Education Program provides for the enrollment at the Corporation’s request of selected management, professionals or sales personnel in designated education courses, generally of two weeks or less duration, offered by colleges, universities, The American Management Association and other technical or professional associations. 
Company Sponsored Training

USG sponsors a variety of education and training programs of general interest throughout the Company to develop employees to their full potential, realize individual aspirations and meet organization and business needs.
Performance Appraisal & Development (PA&D)

This annual performance review/management development program is essential to the development, recognition and reward of employees as well as achievement of key business plans and objectives.

Career Opportunities Program The Career Opportunities Program encourages employee involvement in career development and planning by providing information about promotional opportunities and allowing employees to apply for positions that become available throughout the organization. Positions are posted on USG’s Intranet.
Employee Relocation Program USG encourages employees to accept new positions by providing a competitive and extensive program of assistance, allowance and reimbursement to facilitate employees that relocate with the Company. Significant items include a settle in allowance, reimbursements for a house hunting trip(s), temporary living expenses, real estate listing fees, closing costs and moving expenses.
Incentive Programs Virtually every USG employee participates in one of the Corporation or subsidiary annual incentive programs. The purpose of these plans is to enhance the spirit of teamwork and to further encourage employees to contribute to and share in the positive performance achievements of their company.