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About USG

Continuing Education

CES is a continuing education system emphasizing learning developed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to record professional learning as a mandatory requirement for architect membership.

The architect's life-long learning

CES can enable the architect to stay up-to-date, master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to the architectural professional. The AIA/CES design assists architects in maintaining their competence and in achieving their professional goals. In doing so, CES has the potential to be one of the primary forces in the improvement and revitalization of the architectural profession.

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Course Number Course Name and Description

Building a Better System with Roof Boards

Obtain understanding of roofing technology and the use of cover boards, including different types of applications for cover bards, thermal barriers, recover board, vapor retarder and parapet substrate. Also understand the forces that negatively impact roofs.

1 credit hour


Design Guide for Exterior Sheathing

Understand the role of exterior sheathing relative to wall design, develop a framework for performance and discuss sheathing types and specifications.

1 credit hour


Designing Integrated Sustainable Ceilings

Discover the trend away from modular ceilings to focusing on specific ways integrated ceilings contribute to sustainability through the integration of linear energy-efficient light fixtures, high light reflectance panels day lighting, product stewardship and improved indoor air quality.

1 credit hour


Evolution of Lightweight Building Materials

Designed to educate individuals on how and why building materials have changed throughout modern history. Many types of building materials are presented highlighting material weights, sustainability impacts, performance properties, fire resistance material and advantages/disadvantages of each.

1 credit hour - also certified by USGBC


Healthcare Ceiling Walls 2011

Examine the Health Care Environment by studying the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities. It describes the criteria to provide ceilings that prevent the habitation and spread of viruses and bacteria.

1 credit hour


High Performance Interiors for High Performance Buildings

Provides an overview of climate change and the sustainability movement, building material selection and material attributes and operational energy.

1 credit hour - also certified by USGBC


Interior Finishes

Identify and discuss the physics of each aspect of building science and how interior material selection and use effects each aspect of interior design solutions.

Course has 4 parts with 1 credit hour per part - also certified by USGBC


Make the Grade - LEED for Schools 2009

Understand the impact of environmental quality on learning environments and occupants. In addition understand the changes and impact of LEED for Schools on the changing world landscape within the design of the Learning Environment (K-12 schools) and how these impacts are more important than ever.

1 credit hour - also certified by USGBC


Product LCA

Learn the basics behind product LCA's, Embodied Energy and EPD's to assist with future product selections and evaluations. This program will discuss what is involved with LCA's and EPD's using examples and some basic rules of thumb that will aid you in the understanding you will need to wade through the claims.

1 credit hour - also certified by USGBC