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Future Proof Your Roof with Securock® Brand Roof Boards

There are many factors to consider when it comes to designing a roof system, but one key product that is often overlooked during a project is the roof cover board.

Cover boards are crucial in the long-term protection of a building. The cover board serves as a critical component that helps extend the life of a roof because, without one, the roof lacks added durability and protection, making it more susceptible to impact, hail, fire, and wind damage throughout the lifecycle of the building.

What is a Cover Board?

A cover board is a substrate that is installed over the insulation and under the membrane in a commercial roof system. They have been recommended in commercial roofing since the 1950s but are not widely used in the industry outside of high-performing buildings, which include schools, data centers, hospitals, airports, and government buildings.

What are the Benefits of Using a Roof Cover Board?

Cover boards provide added protection and durability to the insulation as well as the entire roof system, allowing the roof to last longer. Extreme weather can lead to leaks that can impact the operations of high-performing buildings, and cover boards can help prevent any unplanned repair costs.

Impact Protection

Extend the life of the roof by protecting its insulation from hail, equipment, and foot traffic.

Fire Performance

Excellent fire performance that acts as a thermal barrier to improve building efficiency (FM Class 1 and UL Class A per UL 790).

Wind Uplift Performance

Achieve superior wind uplift ratings with high compressive strength and fewer fasteners for a wide variety of roof systems.

The USG Solution

Over the years, the construction industry has collected more detailed information about roofs and how storms and normal maintenance can damage a roof. To combat this issue, USG offers a range of roof cover boards manufactured with properties that make them stronger from the outset, leading to an increased roof lifespan and securing the reputations of all project stakeholders, from contractors to building owners.

Securock® Brand Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board

High-performance gypsum-fiber roof board with a unique fiber-reinforced and uniform composition that gives the panel strength and water resistance through to the core.

Securock® Brand UltraLight Glass-Mat Roof Board

High-performance glass-mat roof board featuring a lightweight core up to 18% lighter than competitive glass-mat roof boards for mechanically attached applications.

Securock® Brand UltraLight Coated Glass-Mat Roof Board

Offers the same benefits as Securock® Brand UltraLight Glass-Mat Roof Board with an added coated mat that combines superior strength and an ultralight core for any cold adhesive roof applications.

Securock® Brand Cement Roof Board

The lightest cement board in the industry; ideal for use as a cover board in system applications such as liquid-applied membranes, or as a parapet, fire, or thermal barrier roof board.

Learn more about how you can future-proof your roof with USG Securock® Brand Roof Boards and watch our series of roof cover board FAQs here.