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An Opportunity to Advance Human Comfort in Every Building Design

An Opportunity to Advance Human Comfort in Every Building Design

USG Acoustics

Virtual Acoustics Experience™

Virtual Acoustics Experience™


An online digital tool that allows viewers to experience the sound of different acoustical ceiling products within a range of commercial building environments – helping architects and designers make sense of numerical sound ratings.

Acoustics Matters: Designing for Comfort and Well-being

Acoustics Matters is a series of discussion panels hosted by USG to engage experts from across industries to share their insights and perspectives on the future of acoustics, architecture, and the human experience. Archived videos of past discussions are available for continuing education through USG E-University.

Rethinking the Workplace Environment

Hosted in early 2020, this first discussion panel dives into the needs for effective and meaningful surveying of diverse workforces, and the application of methodologies for promoting good acoustics.

Shaping Sound in Healthcare Environments

Exploring the significance of sound for promoting patient wellness—this installment discusses the role of acoustic design in healthcare facilities as crucial in creating health, comfort, and privacy.

Sound Design in Learning Spaces

This 2023 panel discussion analyzed how acoustic elements influence learning environments, linking past, current and prospective acoustical engineering with diverse teaching systems.