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Panels Over Pour: USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels

Poured concrete has been a go-to construction material for decades, used in everything from sidewalks and driveways to high-rise buildings and bridges. While it is strong and durable, the process of pouring concrete is time-consuming, weather dependent, and labor-intensive along with its immense added weight.

Choosing the right materials is crucial on the jobsite across all project stakeholders, from the architect to structural engineers and contractors. Since 2006, USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels have been utilized as an alternative for sub-floors and offer a highly efficient alternative to traditional poured concrete for construction projects.

Innovative in Form & Function

USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels are factory-cured and made in our manufacturing plants using advanced technology and techniques, resulting in a reinforced concrete panel that is lighter and more versatile than traditional structural construction processes. Poured concrete must be formed and poured on-site, but USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Structural Panels are manufactured in a controlled environment and can be delivered to the jobsite ready to install. This allows builders and designers to tackle even the most complex building projects both quickly and confidently.

Designed and manufactured with the installer in mind, STRUCTO-CRETE® Panels are defined by their ease of installation. Their preformed composition makes it easier to cut, lay, and fasten the panels. There is also no need to account for pouring or curing times, such as with traditional poured concrete, so these panels can be quickly and easily installed by a small team without the need for specialized equipment or multiple trades. This can significantly reduce labor costs and time, making them an ideal choice for construction projects with tight deadlines by introducing schedule flexibility, creating a streamlined installation process.

Another advantage of using USG STRUCTO-CRETE® panels is their strength and durability. These panels are designed to withstand heavy loads in all weather conditions, making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including walls, floors, roofs, and more. They are also resistant to fire and moisture, making them a low-maintenance option for both commercial and residential construction. Despite their interdimensional strength, these panels are also lightweight which can be a major advantage in multi-story construction, modular construction, or on jobsites with poor soil conditions. Because the panels are precast and cured in a controlled environment, their weight and dimensions are consistent, ensuring that they will fit seamlessly into any project.

The USG Solution

As the only noncombustible cementitious structural panel manufactured in the United States, USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Structural Panels offer a highly efficient, durable, and versatile alternative to traditional poured concrete. The strength, speed of installation, and energy-efficient properties make STRUCTO-CRETE® Panels an ideal choice for a wide range of construction projects, from commercial buildings to residential homes.

If you’re looking for a high-performance, non-combustible, dry construction structural solution that provides strength and durability with reduced weight and increased flexibility, whether you’re a builder, architect, engineer, or design consultant, look no further than USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels.

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