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Safety Spotlight: Putting Employees First

Putting the safety of employees above all else is a point of pride for USG. The company’s commitment to safety started over a century ago in addition to joining the National Safety Council as a charter member in 1913.

USG continues to earn recognition and set industry records in safety to this day. In 2016, USG received one of the country’s highest safety honors, the National Safety Council’s Robert W. Campbell Award, due to the constant vigilance, training, and dedication of every member of our team.

Here are just some of the commitments USG has made in the name of safety:

Every USG employee is accountable for working safely

In 2015, USG employees collectively wrote the company’s Safety Vision Statement where an emphasis is placed on upholding a sterling quality of safety for all:

“We will be the industry leader in health and safety by creating an injury-free workplace and modeling safe behaviors for our families, colleagues, customers, and communities. We are committed to working safely: every minute, every task, every day – so we can live life to the fullest with those who depend on us”

Business does not come before the safety of employees

Thousands of USG employees clock in daily throughout North America with duties ranging from running manufacturing equipment to climbing high-rise buildings and much more. As a company, USG pushes for operational excellence and continuous improvement. Still, there is no dollar amount or performance metric more important than the health and safety of those within the company.

Identifying trends and proactively addressing challenges

Manufacturers are not entirely immune to incidents, so when something does happen, it is imperative to use all available data to prevent it from happening again. USG tracks types of injuries, the time of day that incidents occur, and the tenure of those involved. From this information, USG then develops mandatory educational campaigns that happen simultaneously at all plants for all employees. A company goal of zero injuries is ambitious, but achievable when everyone works together.

Read CEO Chris Griffin’s full blog post on USG’s commitment to safety here.