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The Impact of Building Lifecycle on Roofing Product Selection

In any project, it’s important to keep the total building lifecycle in mind. It may seem to be the right choice to value engineer a project and cut costs, but it has the potential for unexpected repairs and maintenance that would have been avoided with long-lasting products and multi-year warranties.

It is also important to consider that a lot more use is being made of previously vacant commercial roofing space, from mechanical systems to solar panels. In these cases, the interior of the roofing system can begin to break down the roof system over time; the additional weight on the surface of the roof has the potential to crush and compress the insulation and other interior components.

Whether it’s severe weather activity, like hail or high-speed winds, or everyday wear-and-tear, commercial roofing materials need to be manufactured and constructed with the entire lifecycle of the building in mind.

Long-Term Performance on the Roofing Road Trips Podcast

On a recent episode of the RoofersCoffeeShop® Roofing Road Trips podcast, host Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with Rudy Gutierrez, President & CEO of Shell Roofing Solutions in Chino, CA, to talk about the importance of contractors prioritizing products that deliver long-term value for their customers.

“My strategy is long-term performance, long-term warranties, and partnering with the right manufacturers,” says Gutierrez. An important factor in the larger strategy involves having “a great relationship with manufacturers reps. They are key to your strategy—when you go and meet with clients…they become part of your team.”

The quality and performance of building materials ultimately fall back on the manufacturer, but most customer complaints and callbacks will reach the contractor first. Poor-quality products affect the reputation of the contractor and the quality of work they are capable of on the jobsite. When the stakes are this high, it’s critical to safeguard your reputation by installing products that provide long-term value from manufacturers you trust and begin forging lasting relationships to ensure mutual success.

“You have to be open to talking about [the building] lifecycle,” says Gutierrez in regard to selling long-term performance to clients. And while it’s possible to specify products with shorter-term warranties to maintain project budgets, it will invariably cost you over time: “Long-term products with long-term warranties...sell the value of one investment versus two investments over the period of a lifecycle...we don’t even offer a system [warrantied] less than 20-25 years...[it] just doesn’t work in our strategy.”

The USG Solution

When looking for roof cover boards that deliver long-term value with consideration towards the entire building lifecycle, start with USG Securock® Brand Roof Boards. These roof cover boards provide exceptional durability and resistance to damage from severe weather, foot traffic, and impact threats. Their superior fire resistance also makes them ideal for buildings where fire safety is a top priority. Both of these qualities effectively extend the lifespan of the roofing system and reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

When contractors like Shell Roofing Solutions work with USG, they partner with a proven construction and roofing materials manufacturer and get a true partner in the process. From coordinating product delivery to hands-on technical support, USG representatives are on standby to ensure that every project is a success. Regarding the technical support offered by USG representatives, Gutierrez says that their communication is “excellent: they take care of our estimators, they provide any technical information that is needed, so it's been a great relationship.”

Whether you're building a new roof or replacing an existing one, future-proof your roof against the known and unknown with USG Securock® Brand Roof Boards, the ideal choice for a long-lasting, high-performing commercial roofing system—learn more here.

Listen to the full episode of Roofing Road Trips here.