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De-Mystifying Digital: USG Assembly Builder™ Plugin for Revit®

As a leading manufacturer of building materials with over 120 years in the industry, USG has established itself as a trusted name in both residential and commercial construction with a reputation for quality and reliability. Over the last decade, USG has built upon this reputation in digital innovation to offer our customers cutting-edge tools that have a real-world impact, from the design phase through construction. has offered an extensive library of fire-rated assemblies and design details drawings through Design Studio. This feature of has been invaluable in equipping architects and designers with the resources necessary to design their next project, but there is always room for innovative advancement.

Building Materials, Assemble!

Introducing the USG Assembly Builder™.

This Revit® plugin is a powerful tool that revolutionizes how architects and designers work with USG building materials, delivering design details directly into Revit®, the industry’s most prevalent design software. This latest digital tool from USG allows users to streamline their workflow and improve specification and schedule accuracy. It makes it easy to define fire and acoustic performance, select from tested assemblies, implement them into their design, and generate a comprehensive specification.

Traditionally, meeting building standards has required time-sensitive review of each wall, floor, and floor-ceiling assembly against UL and GA specifications. With USG Assembly Builder™, users now have immediate access to relevant standards built entirely into the plugin. By automating this once-tedious process, users can accomplish this task in a fraction of the time.

Design & Specify with Confidence, Speed, and Accuracy

USG understands the current process for designing and specifying assemblies based on fire and acoustics can be complicated, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. USG Assembly Builder™ does the heavy lifting, saving customers time while simplifying the entire process.

In as little as 3-clicks, users can specify fire rating, acoustical performance, and select from proven UL/GA assemblies that meet project criteria. Once an assembly is selected, users can then draw or import the design in Revit® and generate an accurate and comprehensive specification and schedule.

In early trials for USG Assembly Builder™, users spoke on the streamlined capabilities of this first-of-its-kind plugin:

“Assembly Builder™…saves me 75% of the time it would usually take [to do the same tasks]” —AIA’22 Pilot Tester


“This tool is something I want to bring to our firm. If it helps our design team move faster with more accuracy, that’s huge” —VP of Preconstruction

USG Assembly Builder™ was designed with the customer in mind. With one-click access to the most up-to-date USG wall and floor-ceiling assemblies, simplified search results for fire and acoustically rated assemblies, and the ability to solidify a design with full detail and code compliance, the benefits of this plugin are both simple and meaningful towards the long-term success of any project.

The USG Solution

The USG Assembly Builder™ plugin for Revit® is a significant digital tool that enables architects and pre-construction professionals to create plans using detailed, accurate assemblies with unprecedented ease. Take the hassle out of designing and specifying and keep projects running smoothly with USG Assembly Builder™. 

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