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A Century of Unrivaled Performance

When you need reliable, high-quality building materials, why settle for something that’s just “good enough?”

For more than 100 years, USG has been a leading manufacturer of high-performing building materials within the industry. When you choose our products, you can trust that you’re always getting dependable quality every time.

From our humble joint compound beginnings in 1920 with Sheetrock® Brand Joint Finisher to the introduction of Sheetrock® Brand Ultralightweight All-Purpose Joint Compound, USG has been committed to innovation. By pushing the boundaries of what our customers have come to expect, USG is able to offer the most cutting-edge products from the joint compound portfolio.

An Anniversary Worth Celebrating

With 2020 marking the 100th anniversary of the introduction of joint compound, USG has proven itself a time-honored and trusted manufacturer of quality building materials. Whether you prefer a lightweight, conventional weight, or airborne dust-reducing joint compound, USG has a specially formulated solution to match your specific requirements.

In fact, USG has been the first to introduce many research developments in the field of joint treatments. Many of these concepts have been improved upon and incorporated into new product offerings over the years, but the message remains the same—USG has a history of pushing the envelope. Here’s a small selection of USG firsts:

  • First joint material (Plaster of Paris, 1920)
  • First mechanically punched paper tape (Perf-A-Tape Joint System, 1937)
  • First use of two specialized joint compounds—taping & topping (Two-Compound Joint System, 1952)
  • First factory-mixed joint compound (Ready-Mixed All Purpose Compound, 1953)
  • First multi-purpose hardening compound (Durabond 90 Joint Compound, 1966)
  • First to be formulated for use in exterior ceiling board (Durabond XL Joint Compound, 1971)
  • First to offer a variety of hardening ranges—from 45 min. to 5 hours (Durabond Joint Compounds, 1978)
  • First two-coat joint system (Durabond LC Joint Compound, 1982)
  • First dust-control formulation (Lightweight All Purpose Plus 3 with Dust Control, 2006)
  • First ultralightweight All-purpose joint compound (Ultralightweight All-Purpose Joint Compound, 2011)

This is by far from a complete list of instances where USG has pioneered a new product or feature, but it serves as an example of USG’s commitment to innovation. And without constant innovation, most companies would be hard-pressed to last an entire century-plus.

Proof Is in the Product

Proof of USG’s innovation can be found throughout the storied history of the joint compound catalog. There are more than a few examples of how USG has set the bar in the realm of joint compound, whether it be inventing new concepts or developing specially formulated products to meet the needs of our customers.

One instance that really captures how years of constant innovation has driven USG Joint Compound goes back 15 years to the introduction of USG Sheetrock® Brand Lightweight All Purpose Plus 3 with Dust Control. Part of the development pipeline for new products involves bringing in USG customers to the Corporate Innovation Center (CIC) to learn more about their needs and pain points on the jobsite. One of the discoveries that came from this was the desire to have a joint compound that did not need to be sanded.

While this may seem like a farfetched idea, the CIC research team knew that you must do more than just listen to your customers—you must also read between the lines and discover the crux of the issue. Sanding joint compound is notorious for its messy cleanup and the airborne particles that can cloud even the most well-ventilated of rooms. What if, researchers thought, cleanup was easier—could there be a formulation that can accomplish this?

As it happens, the research team developed a polymer 10 years prior to help bind plaster and allow it to be machine-cut. Once incorporated into joint compound, test results showed that the polymer did the trick—dust particles would travel mere inches from the wall after being sanded before falling to the ground. This new formulation paid dividends, as USG Sheetrock® Brand Lightweight All Purpose Plus 3 with Dust Control was introduced to serve the needs of our customers based on their feedback.

More Than Just a Portfolio

Beyond outstanding products, USG also offers expertise, technical support, and nationwide availability—all driven by a dedication to finding solutions for you. And if that is still not enough, we have the technology and manufacturing capabilities to ensure our products exceed industry standards before they even leave any one of our nationwide facilities.

You are not just buying the world’s best joint compound; you’re buying 100 years of expertise.

Learn more about our historic anniversary here.