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The Importance of Pouring Quality into Every Floor

Complaints and call-backs can be costly on any project, and if they occur often enough, they can deteriorate anyone’s reputation. While it’s critical to put quality work into every project, there are several factors that go into achieving that ideal installation, one of which is the quality of the materials used.

Quality in Quantity

The quality of our products is one of our core values at USG. Our manufacturing facilities are designed to consistently provide high-performance products. And with the support of our quality & research labs at the Corporate Innovation Center (CIC), we can not only develop great products but also identify any defective product before it leaves our facility. The research labs are also a resource to our Levelrock® applicators. By offering free testing of both sand and cube samples, the quality & research labs at the CIC ensure that Levelrock® pours can meet the demands of any jobsite.

USG Has You Covered

Aside from the formulation of the product, installation procedures and jobsite quality control are key when factoring into the overall quality of a poured underlayment. To assist, USG has developed the Levelrock® Jobsite Quality Control Guidelines. This all-encompassing resource details how to conduct a slump test, create cube samples, monitor set times, and document data. These are fundamentals that are integral for each crew member to know how to consistently deliver high-quality floors.

The Levelrock® Applicator Best Practices Manual is another great resource. This manual was created to provide the foundation for installing Levelrock® and achieving the highest quality floor that is possible. The information provided in the manual will cover most applications where Levelrock® is installed. *

The USG Solution

Quality will always be a priority at USG. It starts with providing our customers with the highest quality Levelrock® products possible, but it doesn’t stop there. Our people, resources, and technical support are here to help you maintain your reputation and deliver a high-quality pour every time.

Download the latest Levelrock® Applicator Best Practices Manual under the “Applicator Login” section of

* If an application or topic is not covered in the Levelrock® Applicator Best Practices Manual, please reach out to your USG Sales Representative.