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Improving on Greatness: USG Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels

How do you improve on over a century of unrivaled performance? Reshape the perception of drywall sustainability.

With the introduction of modern-day wallboard under the Sheetrock® Brand in 1917, USG revolutionized the manufacture and installation of interior walls. While many performance characteristics have been added since then, fundamentally, gypsum panels have changed very little; overall, the industry had been lacking in its progress towards a more sustainable drywall product.

Redefining Sustainable Drywall

Today, close to half of the total energy consumption in the U.S. is attributed to the building sector alone, so there is a major responsibility for building owners to meet goals aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in new construction. What’s more, embodied carbon is responsible for 28% of building sector emissions. As operational energy efficiency increases, the impact of embodied carbon emissions in buildings will become increasingly significant. 

Drawing upon the company’s commitment to sustainability in construction materials, USG set out to develop the most sustainable drywall possible: USG Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels Firecode® X. Representing a revolution in wallboard manufacturing, these panels offer the same strength, sound, and fire resistance as standard Type X, but at a reduced need for both natural resources and overall impact on the environment.

USG Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels Firecode® X generate up to 20% fewer CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process. Not to be outdone, these panels also weigh up to 22% less than standard Type X, making an impact on reducing worker fatigue and promoting greater jobsite safety. Lighter weight also means increasing installation productivity, especially on ceilings and high walls. Weight also has an impact on transport and delivery; less weight allows for more panels per load and requires fewer trucks, leading to a decrease in the consumption of fossil fuel during transport.

With such an emphasis on sustainability, USG Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels Firecode® X have a lot to offer in terms of building towards green certification goals—here are just a few highlighted features:


One Wallboard, Multiple Features

One other significant advancement with the introduction of USG Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels Firecode® X (UL Type ULIX™) has been the evaluation and UL approval of the product in fire-rated applications. More than any other available gypsum board, these panels can be installed in the most widely specified wall, column, and floor- and roof-ceiling assemblies as well as horizontal membranes. Additionally, USG Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels Firecode® X (UL Type ULIX™) offers the market, for the first time, a Type X panel that can also be used as an alternative to Type C.

Through years of innovation, USG made a point to put both productivity and sustainability at the forefront of design in the creation of USG Sheetrock® Brand EcoSmart Panels. By fostering a reputation as a company that impacts the industry with each new product release, USG continues the tradition with EcoSmart Panels taking their place in a portfolio that has become synonymous with unrivaled performance.

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