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Structurally Sound: USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels & Modular Construction

Modular construction has been gaining traction in the construction industry. By removing focus from the jobsite and opting to manufacture construction materials in factories, this building method is being utilized to address some of the biggest issues facing the industry.

Recent modular projects have proven that these methods of construction can have a large-scale impact, accelerating project schedules to completion in less time than traditional construction. It may seem counter-intuitive but spending less time on the jobsite has valuable benefits for a project outside of scheduling, such as lowering the chance of work-related injuries, avoiding weather delays, and overall cost savings.

Modular construction can also be a viable option to offset the impact of workforce shortages. Considering that this building method emphasizes ease of on-site assembly, the absence of skilled workers becomes less of a burden on the shoulders of a contractor when modules can arrive on the jobsite ready to install.

Data & Analytics Support Offsite Construction

In a 2020 study from Dodge Data & Analytics, the increasing acceptance and proven benefits of offsite construction were analyzed based on the opinions of industry professionals. The study showed that both design firms and contractors agree that offsite construction can greatly benefit project costs, schedules, quality, and safety performance on the jobsite.

The report’s findings also provide a greater understanding of how these construction methods are utilized on the jobsite. Wall modules are among the most popular ways to utilize panelized modular construction along with an increasing prevalence of modular roof and floor panels. Such prevalence of modular applications begs the question: what are the ideal products for each of these modules?

USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels

USG has always looked for opportunities to push innovation in the industry, and modular construction has revealed itself as a perfect opportunity for USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels.

These panels are noncombustible, pre-cured, and subject to a rigorous quality control program to ensure that they are shipped ready for installation. By removing jobsite curing time entirely, contractors can install these panels as easily as wood sheathing with the strength of precast or poured concrete, all at a significantly lighter weight without sacrificing fire resistance or life safety.

USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels, STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Roof Deck Structural Panels, and STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Xtra Strength Structural Panels1 are the only noncombustible structural panels for subfloor, roof deck, and foundation wall applications. Build faster, gain more interior space, and meet stringent requirements for modular construction.

STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels

USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels are mechanically fastened to cold-formed steel joists, trusses, red iron, or wood framing members to create a structural substrate for floors. A ceiling assembly is attached to the bottom of the floor joists, floor trusses, or other primary structural members to complete the construction of UL-rated floor-ceiling assemblies.

STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Roof Deck Structural Panels

USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Roof Deck Structural Panels are designed for use in Factory Mutual/FM Global (FM) and non-FM low-, and steep-slope roof systems, canopies, and balconies with support framing. Any roof membranes can adhere directly over the panels.

STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Xtra Strength Structural Panels

USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Xtra Strength Structural Panels are for use in foundation wall applications where they are fastened to load-bearing cold-formed steel studs for non-rotting, noncombustible, high-strength foundation walls. This product will be available in late 2022.

The USG Solution

USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels afford modular professionals the opportunity for design flexibility, such as open floor plans, without compromising on safety codes while drastically improving a project timeline. For a trend that’s gaining popularity, these structural panels are the ideal choice to benefit everyone involved in a modular building, from the architects to the workers, down to the building owners and tenants.

Learn more about USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels here. And to learn more about other USG modular-friendly products, visit USG Sheetrock® Brand and Fiberock® Brand pages.

1.           USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor has been replaced by USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Structural Panels; USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Roof Deck Structural Panels will replace USG Structural Panel Concrete Roof Deck after the current inventory is exhausted and discontinued; USG STRUCTO-CRETE® Brand Xtra Strength Panels will replace USG Structural Panel Concrete Foundation Wall in late 2022.