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UL P522

Wood Truss

Fire Rating 1 hours
System STC n/a
System IIC null
System Thickness Varies

Assembly Construction

Assembly Construction

Layer 1 - Roofing System:

1 layer Any UL Class A, B or C Roofing System (TGFU) or prepared Roof Covering (TFWZ)

Layer 2 - Roof Sheathing:

1 layer Nom. 15/32" Thick Wood Structural Panels, Min. Grade "C-D" or "Sheathing"

Layer 3 - Trusses:

1 layer Pitched or Parallel Chord Wood Trusses, Spaced 24" Max. O.C., Fabricated from Nom. 2x4 Lumber, Oriented Vertically or Horizontally. Min. Truss depth shall be 5-1/4" with a Min. Roof Slope of 3/12

Layer 4 - Air Duct:

1 layer Any UL Class 0 or Class 1 Flexible Air Duct

Layer 5 - Ceiling Damper:

1 layer Max. Nom. Area, 324 SQ IN., Max. square size, 18" by 18", Rectangular sizes not to exceed 324 SQ IN. with width of 18" Max., Damper height 14" Max.

Layer 6 - Insulation:

1 layer 3-1/2" Thick Min. Batts and Blankets draped over Resilient Channel and Gypsum Board Ceiling Membrane

Layer 7 - Resilient Channel:

1 layer 1/2" Deep, 25ga., Installed perpendicular to the Trusses, Spaced 16" Max. O.C.

Layer 8 - Gypsum Panel:

1 layer 5/8" [15.9 mm] Sheetrock® EcoSmart Gypsum Panel (UL Type ULIX™)