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UL U423; UL U425

Interior Partitions - Steel Stud (Load-Bearing)

Fire Rating 1 hours
System STC n/a
System Thickness 4 3/4 in.

CAD/Revit & Acoustics

Assembly Construction

Assembly Construction

Layer 1 - Floor/Ceiling Runners:

Channel-Shaped, 3-1/2" min. wide with 1-1/2" min. legs, fabricated from No. 20 GA. Min. (0.0329" min. Bare Metal Thickness) Corrosion Resistant Steel. Attached to floor and ceiling with steel fasteners spaced not greater than 24"

Layer 2 - Gypsum Board:

5/8" Thick Gypsum Board (UL Type ULIX™)

Layer 3 - Steel Studs:

3-1/2" Steel Studs, 20ga. MSG., Spaced 24" O.C.

Layer 4 - Insulation:

3-1/2" Glass Fiber Batt Insulation

Layer 5 - Lateral Support Members:

Where required for lateral support of Studs, support may be provided by means of Steel Straps, Channels or other similar means as specified in the design of a particular Steel Stud Wall System (not shown)

Layer 6 - Gypsum Board:

5/8" Thick Gypsum Board (UL Type ULIX™)