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UL U336

Area Separation Wall - Steel Stud (Non-Load-Bearing)

Fire Rating 2 hours
System STC n/a
System Thickness 6 3/4 in.

CAD/Revit & Acoustics

Assembly Construction

Assembly Construction

Layer 1 - Gypsum Board:

1/2" Thick Gypsum Board (USG Sheetrock Brand Gypsum Panels)

Layer 2 - Wood Studs:

2x4 Wood Studs, 24" O.C.

Layer 3 - Insulation:

Min. 3" Glass Fiber Batt Insulation

Layer 4 - Air Space:

3/4" Air Space

Layer 5 - Steel Studs:

2" H-Studs, Spaced 24" O.C.

Layer 6 - Gypsum Board:

1" Thick by nom. 2' Wide Gypsum Liner Panels Friction Fit (UL Type SLX)


  1. For the most up-to-date details, including construction variations, refer to the published assembly in the UL Product IQ™ database or GA Design Manual.
  2. Stud sizes and insulation thickness are minimum unless otherwise stated in the published assembly.
  3. Stud and fastener spacings are maximum unless otherwise stated in the published assembly.
  4. Panel orientation shall be as specified in the published assembly.
  5. Refer to applicable codes requirements to ensure compliance prior to construction.
  6. Where acoustical performance is provided in an estimated range, the values are based on laboratory test data of similarly constructed assemblies.
  7. Where design no. indicates “per”, the fire rating is based on laboratory test data of the referenced similarly constructed assemblies.