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    Commercial and institutional buildings have high-traffic areas where many people and objects pass through, making them prone to scraping and bumping, and therefore, damage. If the materials used aren’t durable, the condition of the walls quickly deteriorates resulting in underperforming surfaces, increased maintenance costs and potential safety issues. Read on to learn how wallboard with abuse-resistant properties can extend the life of a structure.

    Loft offices with exposed overhead structures, and no ceilings, are all the rage these days, but they aren’t the best in terms of acoustics. In fact, workers in open spaces face an average of one noise interruption every 11 minutes,
    1 which negatively affects their productivity.

    Watch this video to learn how you can create beautiful designs that both showcase the architecture of a space and use balanced acoustics to ensure a productive workplace.


    The city of Milwaukee is situated along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. This location makes it enjoyable during warm months—a cool breeze along the lakefront makes for a perfect summer day. However, winter turns this cool breeze into gusts of wind and lake-effect snow, making it unfavorable weather for residents.

    It was this climate that prompted the design team of the new Westin hotel to specify a product that met the building’s high performance standards while ensuring hassle-free instal

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    The goal of all fire-resistant assembly designs is to mitigate risk, saving lives and property. By having an understanding of the latest wallboard technologies, you can avoid costly re-work and delays, as well as control safety risks within the construction environment. Read on to learn characteristics and uses of fire-resistant wallboard.

    When it comes to specifying a roofing project, roof cover boards typically don’t make it into the plan. Architects and specifiers usually cite immediate project costs as the reason for not including roof cover boards, but research shows that the long-term costs of not including these products can be far greater.

    Balancing a modern look with the warmth of raw building materials has been an ever-growing trend in interior design. Millennial tastes are driving this development; while Millennials look for sleek lines and modern amenities in their homes, they also crave rustic touches

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    Controlling mold requires careful design, proper construction and thorough maintenance, all of which aim to manage one basic factor: moisture. One method is to include moisture- and mold-resistant wallboard in the building design. Check out the following graphic that explains why wallboard should be a part of your moisture and mold solution.


    Sometimes the ultimate way to transform a space is to make your mark where it’s least expected—by turning an ordinary ceiling or wall into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

    Enter USG Pixels® Metal Ceiling Panels and USG Pixels® Wall Mounted Panels. These unique panels have versatility designed into their very core, from the visuals you create with them, to how you can install them in your space. And versatility is exactly why USG Pixels® was created; the product gives architects and designe

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    By: Yelena Straight, P.E Senior Researcher 

    For anyone who has felt an earthquake first-hand, they can attest that even the smallest of tremors can be jarring. Although we have no control over seismic activity, we do have control in the adoption and enforcement of up-to-date building codes and proper material installation. 

    In the past, seismic force levels were only considered in certain earthquake-prone locations like California and Alaska. But major revisions

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    As building systems become more complex and technology drives product innovation, construction systems have evolved to protect building occupants, owners and communities from the devastating effects of fire.

    Although the fire and life safety benefits gained from noncombustible construction systems shouldn’t be overlooked, these methods often present contractors with a myriad of challenges and limitations depending on the application and project requirements.

    Navigating the trans

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    Your Challenge

    A new school’s building plans called for a barrel vault ceiling. There was a basic architectural design, but not a specified plan for its design and construction. The contractors needed a plan and support. 


    Your Challenge

    You need to select a wallboard panel for a high-traffic area that is prone to scraping, bumping and damage. There are different levels of resistance to these issues, but you’re unsure which is right for your space.

    Our Solution

    It is crucial to understand the difference in performance between abuse- and impact-resistant gypsum panels in order to specify the correct product to minimize damage. When specified and installed in accordance w

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    An Overview of Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Cover Boards 


    Brush up on your skyscraper knowledge with these flashcard-style pages, featuring essential and fun facts about the tallest buildings in the world!


    By: Paul Shipp

    Paul Shipp is a mechanical engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in building energy conservation, moisture management, fire safety and acoustics. He is a Principal Research Associate in the Building Science and Technology Commercialization Laboratory at USG’s Corporate Innovation Center in Libertyville, Illinois.


    People live, work and play in buildings the majority of their lives. Whether in a home, the workplace, a school, or in other buildings, people are spending less and less time outside. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends nearly 90% of his or her time indoors in a building; and that exposure to indoor air pollutants may be two to five times higher than the levels usually found in outdoor air. The kinds of indoor air pollutants typically found

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    This solar power plant could produce enough energy to power more than one million homes by 2018, reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 760,000 tons per year. This, and more, in this week’s round up of building and construction news.

    World's Largest Concentrated Solar Plant Switches On in The Sahara

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    By: Erin Dugan

    Have you ever been in a meeting where you can hear every single word from the office next door? Or have you waited to see the doctor and hear the diagnosis for the patient in the next room? There are a lot of factors that could cause this lack of privacy, such as wall construction and sound flanking through outlets and ductwork. However, the ceiling may also be the culprit. This is especially important for offices where information privacy is crucial as well as healthcar

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    By Linda McGovern
    Senior Vice President Marketing
    USG Corporation

    In last week’s post we talked about increasing demands for jobs and business along with key industry themes we’ve observed. This week, we’d like to share how USG can help you keep on target and highlight some of the new products we’ve launched.

    Look to USG for information, tools and product solutions.

    In 2015, we introduced several new communication tools to help you keep abreast of industry trend

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    Launching the New Year Right – Part I

    By Linda McGovern, Senior Vice President Marketing
    USG Corporation 


    This soccer field was built on the third floor of a building. Learn about the construction, and more, in this week’s round up of building and construction industry news.

    Tools for Architects
    Solar Panels
    150 Weird Words

    Have you ever worked on a job with no money to do anything exceptional?  Or worse, the "really exceptional" parts of your design have been value engineered away?  Did you ever get stuck with repetitive, low budget, "bread and butter" jobs that have become more tedious than challenging?

    Don’t lose interest and fall into the dungeons of  "design lethargy"!  

    Take a fresh look at what you DO have to work with, and then attack your p

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    Concrete alternative developed at MIT

    The Circular Economy

    When you think of a supply chain for a manufacturer, you typically think of the process of sourcing raw materials, transporting them to the manufacturing location, making the products, packaging and finally transporting to the consumer. Looking at the entire value chain, this could be extended to include raw material extraction and end of life; typically, disposal in a landfill. Historically, manufacturers thought of the production process as being linear in natu

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    In our last Marketing 101 post, we talked about the importance of using online marketing to connect with your customers. In this post, we’ll focus on social media — a convenient and highly effective way to connect with customers. 

    3 Tips for Getting Started with Social Media

    1. Put “Social” into Perspective

    Sometimes a business creates a Twitter or a Facebook account (read more about choosing social platforms) and only posts about their own products and serv

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