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Ochsner Medical Center Project Profile

Great Design Starts From the Top Down

When Ochsner Medical Center, chose to expand into a warehouse located across the street from one of its main facilities, they faced with an open floor plan that was nearly 80,000 square feet. Their interior design vision called for keeping the character of the warehouse, including the high ceilings.

The design started with a 14-foot high ceiling in the large patient waiting area and 10-foot walls as the frontage for the exam rooms adjacent to the waiting room. The high ceiling appears to dramatically span over the entire clinical space, giving the impression of a distinct and overarching ceiling plane.

But it wasn’t just the height of the ceiling that was designed to make a visual impact, it was also the ceiling itself. The originally specified ceiling was based on a torsion spring system. USG adapted the standard USG Panz™ Metal Ceiling system and designed a unique, inter-leafed edge to enable the client’s design intent.

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Main Products Used

Panz® Metal Panels

People Involved

Rozas-Ward Architects Architects

Stewart Interiors General Contractor

Project Scope

An open floor plan that was nearly 80,000 square feet.