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World's Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa Project Profile

Soaring 2,717 feet, or a half-mile in the air, the 162-story Burj Khalifa holds the title of the world's largest building. The success of a structure of this size was made possible through its integration of architecture and engineering.

The Burj Khalifa achieved its record-breaking height with the USG SHEETROCK® Shaft Wall System, a fire-rated assembly consisting of gypsum board, steel and insulation that encloses elevator and mechanical shafts. In addition, the skyscraper uses nearly 100 percent USG gypsum wall panels and drywall ceilings, as well as DUROCK® Cement Board, steel framing, insulation, sealants, tape and paper faced corner bead and trim.

Working hand-in-hand with USG Middle East, a joint venture based in Damman, Saudi Arabia, allowed USG to provide exceptional customer service and quickly meet product demand for this iconic construction project.

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People Involved

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP Designer

Depa Ltd. Contractor

Project Scope

162 stories

Special Factors

A lot of international and local co-operation necessary. World's tallest building 

Project Cost