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    Combines a monolithic look with easy access to the plenum through the hinged downward accessible panels provided by an engineered design and torsion springs. Celebration™ Torsion Spring System provides a clean, no reveal look that completely hides the suspension system as well as maintain superior panel alignment throughout the ceiling system The well thought out system is a sensible choice to demonstrate the beauty and precision of your design while still providing the ease of usability that torsion spring system provides.

    Main Features

    The Celebration™ Torsion Spring System is designed to be easily installed with the use of DX main tees and modified DX cross tees. The combination of the torsion springs, spring clips and modified cross tees provide a crisp monolithic ceiling system. The flexible system allows for standard 2' x 2' and 2' x 4' panel designs as well as Ashlar or staggered designs.
    • No visible suspension, no reveal look
    • Downward accessible panels
    • Easy access to the plenum with the use of the Celebration™ hand tool
    • Torsion springs act as a hinge that allow the panels to swing down 90°
    • Cross tees are notched and slotted and provide best in class panel align within the system
    • System can be used in either wall-to-wall or canopy/island applications
    • Compässo™ Trim Clips are available to provide a clean perimeter for canopy/island applications by easily snapping in either 6" or 8" standard Compässo™ Trim Pieces
    • 1.5" panel depth set per industry standard for ease of specification


    Installation PDF 4 MB

    Installing the USG Celebration™ Torsion Spring System

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