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Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System


    Create dramatic, three-dimensional curved designs that combine shape, texture and lighting that will be the highlight of any building plan. Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System's curved main tee segments, suspension profiles, optional edge trim, and flexible infill panels provide endless possibilities to create beautiful and dramatic designs. It is available in two configurations, giving you greater flexibility to tailor the design to your liking.

    Main Features

    Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension Systemhas the structuralelements and stability that pair perfectly toallow you to let your creativity take center stage when designing and building your ceiling.
    • Create dramatic three-dimensional curved designs that combine shape, texture and lighting
    • Curved main tee segments and flexible panelsprovide endless combinations
    • Available in two configurations: One-Directional Curvatura™ with 2'x6' infill panels and Two-Directional Curvatura with 2'x2' panels
    • Traditional 15/16" grid profile
    • Coordinating colors for trim and suspension Wood Tone panels
    • Custom colors available
    • Available with High Recycled Content (HRC)


    Installation PDF 99 KB

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