Drywall Suspension System - Wall-to-Wall


Designed specifically for framing drywall ceilings in corridors and smaller rooms. It is ideal for ceilings with low deck clearance or crowded plenum spaces because intermediate support is not required with spans up to 8 feet.

The Drywall Suspension System - Wall-to-Wall is engineered for framing gypsum panel ceilings in corridors and smaller rooms. It is designed as an alternative to traditional framing methods and is ideal for installations with tight clearance or plenum space complexity.

Main Features

The Drywall Suspension System - Wall-to-Wallcan span up to 8-feet with no cross T’s, hanger wires or other intermediate supports. The system also reduces the number of hanger wires required for longer spans up to 19'-6", making it optimal for use in smaller rooms as well.
  • Industry leading span
  • Simplifies ceiling construction in corridors and smaller rooms
  • Eliminates hanger wires on spans up to 7½-feet with 5/8-inch drywall and 8-feet with ½-inch drywall
  • Standard lengths 6-feet to 14-feet, custom lengths available
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C635 and C645
  • G40 hot dipped galvanization
  • Fulfills requirements for seismic categories D, E and F
  • Rotary stitched double web for strength and rigidity
  • Knurled face facilitates screw attachment
  • Lifetime warranty when used with USG Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panels


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