Snow White® Calcium Sulfate Filler

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An anhydrous form of calcium sulfate used in specialty cements, grouts and mortars. Through the creation of ettringite, the anhydrous form of calcium sulfate helps to control shrinkage and set time and contributes to improved green strength in cementitious systems.

Main Features

Produced by high temperature calcination of select, high purity gypsum, Snow White® Calcium Sulfate Filleris ground and air separated into a bright, white powder. Anhydrous Snow White® Calcium Sulfate Filler:

  • Offers bright white color, softness and good acid resistance
  • Controls expansion characteristics and set time; facilitates improved green strength in cementitious systems
  • Acts as a good performing functional filler in polymers, caulks and adhesives
  • Achieves a good balance between stiffness and impact resistnce in polyolefins

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