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Micore® 160 Mineral Fiber Board


    Versatile, high-performance mineral fiber board offering superior performance vs. particle board.

    Used as a substrate or core, Micore® 160 Mineral Fiber Board is ideal for open space designs and applications such as offices, schools and commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

    Main Features

    Micore® 160 Mineral Fiber Board enhances the quality and performance of open-plan partitions, office screens, dividers and tack boards, with its exceptional tackability and good sound control. Used as a substrate or core,Micore® 160 Mineral Fiber Board:
    • Offers superior dimensional stability, machinablity and tackability
    • Outperforms particle and other wood fiber boards for flame spread and sound absorption
    • Is nearly 50% lighter than particle board – allowing for easier handling and lower shipping rates
    • Cuts quickly and easily using standard equipment
    • Laminates easily to a variety of materials
    • Is available in four thicknesses — 3/8", ½", 5/8" and ¾"
    NOTE: STC ratings tested per ASTM E90 and NRC is tested in accordance with ASTM C423; classified in accordance with ASTM E413

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