USG industrial and specialty products have changed the way customers think about gypsum products and their uses. We challenge ourselves and our customers to find unique solutions for all projects, big and small, using our trusted, high-quality products.

  • Agricultural


    Held to the highest standards for quality and consistency, USG agriculture products are all-natural, environmentally safe and available year-round. 

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  • Architectural Ornamentation


    Designed for use in restoration, new construction and high-end residential projects, USG architectural ornamentation products can be cost-effective solutions for items typically produced in plaster, wood, concrete or stone.

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  • Art & Statuary


    Introducing a comprehensive line of industrial plasters and HYDROCAL® gypsum cements designed for anything from cast statue, to hollow cast lamps and detailed collectibles.  

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  • Ceramics


    USG understands the diverse needs of the ceramics industry and delivers solutions with its wide range of products that deliver wear-resistance, precision and uniformity.

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  • Fillers - Cement & Plastics


    USG manufactures quality calcium sulfate additives from high purity gypsum for a wide range of polymer applications including thermoplastics, thermosets and coatings for plastics, caulks, adhesives, sealants and specialty cements. 

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  • Fillers - Food & Pharma


    USG is the industry leader in the production of superior quality calcium sulfate additives for the food and pharmaceutical markets.

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  • Reclamation & Erosion Control


    USG reclamation and erosion control products are used for commercial and residential projects such as utility installations, landfill final covers, golf course construction highways and mine reclamation. 

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  • Tooling & Prototyping


    For more than 60 years, USG has been an industry leader in the production of gypsum cement for tooling and prototyping products that meet conventional and contemporary manufacturing needs, in both traditional tooling and metal casting applications.

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  • Oil Well Gypsum Cements


    USG oil well gypsum cement products are developed exclusively for oil field cementing applications and should be used only by experienced drilling and production cementing personnel.


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  • Road Repairs


    DURACAL® Cement is specially formulated, above-grade concrete patching materials ideal for pavement repairs on expressways, roads, ramps, bridges, streets, parking lots and commercial concrete floors.

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  • Mineral Fiber


    Mineral wool is a high-quality, versatile fiber used for a variety of applications, including insulation, asphalt, cementitious reinforcement, fire protection systems and more. 

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  • Mineral Fiber Panels


    The MICORE® line of mineral fiber panels deliver significantly greater performance than competing materials in a variety of applications, including partitions, wall panels, dividers, tack boards, stove boards and chalk boards.

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