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Celebration™ Snap-In Metal Panels

Provides a monolithic appearance while combining a clean, unique look with the hidden strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum.

Available Product Options

colors & finishes: Aged Copper 1017



Provides a monolithic appearance while combining a clean, unique look with the hidden strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum. Celebration™ Snap-In Metal Panels offer a contemporary look, with a 1/4" grid that hides the suspension system, creating an illusion of the panels floating within their reveal. This ceiling system is a perfect choice for entertainment facilities, gaming facilities, hospitality environments and transportation terminals.

Main Features

• Aluminum panels provide a monolithic appearance.
• Easy installation into standard USG Donn® Brand Fineline® DXF™ Acoustical Suspension System.
• Aluminum panels are positively attached to the suspension system through engineered connection.
• Downward panel access is excellent for shallow plenum areas.
• Wall-mount solution available.
• Wind load tested and approved, including Miami-Dade NOA, for exterior applications with proper bracing and framing.

Documents & Files

Installation & Technical Manuals

Technical Guide (English) PDF 901.1 KB
Installation Guide (English)

SDS, Certifications & Reports

SDS (English) PDF 268.7 KB
SDS (Spanish) PDF 216.0 KB
Evaluation Reports (English) PDF 249.6 KB


Warranties (English) PDF 146.0 KB

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q & a

  • Which USG Donn® Brand Fineline® Grid is best suited for USG Celebration™ ceiling systems?

    The only USG Donn® Brand Fineline® Grid to use for this kind of system is the 1/4-inch USG Donn® Brand Fineline® DXF™/DXFL™ Acoustical Suspension System.

  • How are the 5/8-inch lay-in acoustical panels supported in the USG Celebration™ Ceiling System?

    USG Celebration™ Panels can be snapped over an existing Fineline ceiling as a retrofit upgrade. It can also have acoustical tile above to for enhanced NRC performance.

  • Which metal ceiling system provides the best light reflectance rating?

    Celebration™, Panz™, and Libretto™ provide the best LR when unperforated. Panz™ and Celebration™ provide LR ±0.80 unperforated and in Flat White. Depending on the perforation pattern, LR rating will decrease.

    Paraline®, due to its reveals would not provide as good a result.

  • What specialty ceiling panels can be used on the exterior?

    USG Paraline® II, Paraline® Plus, Celebration™ Snap-In & Celebration™ Torsion Spring systems can be used for exterior applications. Please review USG Exterior Ceiling Systems guide SC2561 for product performance ranges.

  • Can I get installation videos for USG Specialty Ceiling Systems?

    Yes. There are some installation videos available for view on USG's YouTube channel —

  • Will the ceiling panels bend if handled incorrectly?

    Yes. Handle panels in such a manner as to ensure against racking, distortion or physical damage of any kind.

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