Libretto® Gridless Metal System

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colors & finishes: Flat White 050


This easily-installed, custom metal ceiling system will allow you to create a unique design tailored to your unique space. Libretto® Gridless Metal System allows you to create islands, canopies, radials, crescents and other shapes, enhancing the look with perforations that follow the contours of your unique ceiling. It's custom manufactured components fit together with precision and ease.

Main Features

Libretto® Gridless Metal Systemis designed as a kit for efficient installation without field modifications, enabling you to complete your design vision quickly and easily.
  • Collaborate with USG to create a custom design tailored to your space
  • Individually fabricated aluminum panels interconnect to form a continuous, uninterrupted plane
  • Carrier system is concealed and custom-fit, with choice of three perimeter profiles to achieve proper scale
  • Now you can request a contoured pattern that follows the shape of your Libretto™ ceiling, specify a custom graphic or select a standard pattern for a square or rectangular ceiling


Installation Guide PDF 99.5 KB

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