Pixels® Wall Mounted Panels

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colors & finishes: Flat White 050


Incorporate customized photographic images, brand logos or geometric shapes into your wall decor, with a truly unique mounted panel mural.

Pixels® Wall Mounted Panelsallow project managers to create a unique artistic combination of highly aesthetic panels and a graphical image of their choosing. The infinite possibilities provided by these panels can be made even more dramatic with optional, energy efficient LED backlighting.

Main Features

With no limitations on imagery or mural size and three resolutions to choose from based on aesthetic or budget considerations, Pixels® Wall Mounted Panels are perfect for almost any environment, including retail, hospitality, institutional, government and educational spaces.
  • Transform photographs, art and logos into perforated panels
  • Produce dramatic imagery on walls
  • No limit to image or mural size
  • Suitable for Celebration™ Metal Ceiling Panels
  • Images can be positive or negative for backlighting
  • Choose from three resolutions based on aesthetic or budget considerations
  • High recycled content (HRC) available


Installation Guide PDF 7.6 MB

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