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Translucents™ Luminous Infill Panels

Create a high-tech look for your decorative ceilings that is perfect for entertainment and retail space.

Available Product Options

colors & finishes: Agave



Create a high-tech look that will leave a lasting impression with these elegant yet functional translucent ceiling panels. Translucents™ Luminous Infill Panels come in a variety of colors as 2'x2' and 2'x6' panels, which offer full accessibility to the ceiling plenum. They are perfect for lobbies, contemporary office spaces, entertainment and gaming facilities, high bay areas and retail spaces.

Main Features

  • Fully accessible translucent infill panels.
  • Panels can be used with standard USG Donn® Brand DX®, CentriciteeDXT, Curvatura, Identitee® DXI, Fineline® DXF 3-Dimensional and GridWare™ Open Cell Decorative suspension systems.
  • Available in a variety of decors that feature embedded fabrics and other materials as well as solid colors.
  • 2'x2' panels (23-3/4"x23-3/4") in all finishes.
  • 2'x6' panels (23-3/4"x71-3/4") in all finishes. (Except Clear Matte available in 2'x2' only)
  • USG Translucents™ panels contain a minimum of 40% recycled content.


Installation Guide PDF 69.0 KB


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Documents & Files

Data Sheets & Specifications

Data/Submittal Sheet (English) PDF 793.7 KB

Catalogs & Brochures

System Catalog (English) PDF 40.4 MB

Installation & Technical Manuals

Technical Guide (English) PDF 901.1 KB
Selector Guide (English) PDF 9.4 MB
Installation Guide (English) PDF 69.0 KB

SDS, Certifications & Reports

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q & a

  • Can I get installation videos for USG Specialty Ceiling Systems?

    Yes. There are some installation videos available for view on USG's YouTube channel —

  • Will the ceiling panels bend if handled incorrectly?

    Yes. Handle panels in such a manner as to ensure against racking, distortion or physical damage of any kind.

  • How should I store my specialty ceiling panels?

    Store panels in a manner that will prevent scratches or damage of any kind.

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