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Donn® Brand AdvanceSpan™ Suspension System

Ideal for use in areas with crowded plenums spaces where installing hanger wires is difficult.



The Donn® Brand AdvanceSpan™ Suspension System utilizes a superior strength main tee that spans up to 8 feet without hanger wires or other intermediate support. It is ideal for use in areas with crowded plenums spaces where installing hanger wires is difficult, such as hospital corridors. The system is available in both DX (15/16” face) and DXT (9/16” face) profiles and is compatible with all existing DX and DXT cross tees.

Main Features

  • Spans up to 8' with no hanger wires.
  • Ideal for healthcare, hospitality and multifamily applications with crowded plenum spaces.
  • Successfully tested for seismic category D-F installations.
  • Donn® Brand DX® 15/16" and Donn® Brand Centricitee™ DXT™ 9/16" face profiles available.
  • Reversible structural wall channel works with both DX® and DXT™ profiles.
  • Compatible with all standard DX® and DXT™ cross tees.
  • Available in 8'-6", 10'-6" and 12'-6" standard lengths.


Edge Compatibility



Fineline Bevel

Fineline Bevel



Shadowline Bevel

Shadowline Bevel

Shadowline Tapered

Shadowline Tapered

Square Edge

Square Edge

colors & finishes: Flat White 050

Flat White 050

Tees & Molding

Tees & Molding

What do I need to build this Suspension System?

Tees & Molding
  • KEY:
  • 1) Main Tee
  • 2) Cross Tee
  • 3) Wall Molding

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Installation Guide PDF 1.9 MB

Installing USG Donn® Brand AdvanceSpan™ Corridor Acoustical Suspension System

Documents & Files

Data Sheets & Specifications

Data/Submittal Sheet (English) PDF 698.5 KB

White Papers

Sell Sheet (English) PDF 2.5 MB

Catalogs & Brochures

System Catalog (English) PDF 29.3 MB

Installation & Technical Manuals

Installation Guide (English) PDF 1.9 MB

SDS, Certifications & Reports

evaluation-reports (English) PDF 1.3 MB

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