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Donn® Brand AX™/AXCE™ 15/16'' Acoustical Suspension System

Cost effective alternative to extruded systems, this suspension system offers excellent corrosion resistance.



As a cost effective alternative to extruded systems, this suspension system offers excellent corrosion resistance. Donn® Brand AX™/AXCE™ Acoustical Suspension System is made of double-web aluminum and is connected with plug-in positive-lock insertion for quick installation and removal without tools. It's high corrosion resistance makes it ideal for use in high humidity environments, controlled environment and healthcare applications.

Main Features

Donn® Brand AX™/AXCE™ Acoustical Suspension System patented Quick-Release™ cross tees are easy to remove without tools, decreasing renovation costs. They have override ends that rest on the main tees for better appearance (no exposed edges) without sagging or twisting, and they cantilever during installation and withstand dropping out.
  • Meets 2010 guidelines for healthcare facilities
  • Non-corrosive aluminum 15/16" exposed grid system with stainless steel clip, ideal for high-humidity or wet-cleaned areas
  • Capable of withstanding cleaning and/or disinfecting chemicals as tested in accordance with ASTM D5402
  • No crevices between suspension system and tile
  • Tested for environmental conditions in accordance with ASTM C635
  • Aluminum components can be used in non-magnetic environments and meet USDA/FSIS requirements
  • Cross-tee override ends resist twisting and give a professionally finished look
  • Proprietary stainless steel Quick-Release™ clip
  • White gasket blends with grid and tile


Donn® Brand AXCE™

Donn® Brand AXCE™

Donn® Brand AX™

Donn® Brand AX™

Edge Compatibility



Shadowline Bevel

Shadowline Bevel

Shadowline Tapered

Shadowline Tapered

Square Edge

Square Edge

Square Edge w/ Gasket

Square Edge w/ Gasket

colors & finishes: Charcoal 534

Charcoal 534
Flat Black 205
Flat White 050
Manila 246
Parchment 103
Sandstone 090
Silver Satin 002
Straw 143
Taupe 107

Tees & Molding

Tees & Molding

What do I need to build this Suspension System?

Tees & Molding
  • KEY:
  • 1) Main Tee
  • 2) Cross Tee
  • 3) Wall Molding

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Main Tees

  • Firecode®
Item Number ASTM Class Length Height Fire Class Rated Load
2' Hanger Spacing 3' Hanger Spacing 30" Hanger Spacing 4' Hanger Spacing
AXCE26 Light Duty 12.00 foot 1.50 inch Class A 35 lb./LF 11.2 lb./LF 18.7 lb./LF 5 lb./LF
AX26 Light Duty 12.00 foot 1.50 inch Class A 35 lb./LF 11.2 lb./LF 18.7 lb./LF 5 lb./LF

Cross Tees

  • Firecode®
Item Number Length Height Fire Class
AX224 2.00 foot 1.50 inch Class A
AXCE424 4.00 foot 1.50 inch Class A
AXCE224 2.00 foot 1.50 inch Class A
AX424 4.00 foot 1.50 inch Class A

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q & a

  • How is the load test data collected for ceiling grid?

    Load data and spans are based on simple span tests in accordance with ASTM C635, with a deflection limitation of L/360.

  • What are the best grids to use in an area that is accessible to moisture?

    The best grids to use in an area accessible to moisture are the Donn® AX™ Acoustical Suspension System or the Donn® ZXLA™ Acoustical Suspension System.

  • How do you remove cross tees without a tool?

    To remove a cross tee, push up on the main tee with your thumbs (where the cross tee is connected) and rotate it until the cross tee pops up and out of the slot.

  • How much force is required to insert a cross tee with a quick release clip?

    It takes 12-14 pounds of force to install a cross tee.

  • What gauge hanger wire is needed to install grid?

    For residential installation 18-gauge wire is required. For commercial installation 12-gauge wire is required.

  • What is the warranty for a system, that uses USG tile and grid together?

    There is a lifetime warranty on any ceiling system that is used in conjunction with our tile and grid. All grid is lifetime when used with USG tile, however not all tile is lifetime when used with USG grid. See complete warranty for details.

  • What is the standard warranty of grid?

  • How is the spacing of wire hangers determined for fire-rated assemblies?

    All systems must be installed and tested in compliance with ASTM C636.

  • When installing grid, what is the minimum clearance needed from the overhead structure?

    Minimum clearance is 4", which allows ceiling tiles to be inserted and removed freely.

  • Which grid is the best grid to use in a Clean Room environment?

    USG Donn® Brand CE™ Acoustical Suspension System is the best grid for a Clean Room environment.

  • How do you take main tees apart without a tool?

    Facing the main tee splice place your left hand near the left side of the splice and right hand near the right side of the splice. Using a shearing motion, push with your left hand and pull with your right hand. This disconnects the main tee splice. Be sure to straighten the end tabs before attempting to reconnect.

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