Levelrock™ Acrylic Concrete Primer


Multi-use, high-quality floor underlayment concentrate for priming and sealing interior concrete subfloors. Levelrock™ Acrylic Concrete Primer is a high-solids sealant that is used to coat concrete and precast concrete subfloors prior to installation of Levelrock™ Acrylic Concrete Primer.

Main Features

Levelrock™ Acrylic Concrete Primerenhances the bond between substrate and underlayment. Engineered and manufactured by USG, Levelrock™ Acrylic Concrete Primeris a versatile, low odor primer that can be used as a:

  • Primer for concrete subfloors prior to installation ofLevelrock® Brand Floor Underlayments
  • Sealer for dry Levelrock® Brand Floor Underlaymentsprior to application of floor-covering adhesives
  • Sealer for porous wood planks encountered in renovation projects.


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Project Profile The Gordon Family YMCA Sumner Washington

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