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USG Sof'n-Soil® Lawn & Garden Gypsum

Natural soil conditioner promotes the healthy growth of lawns, gardens, trees and plants.



Non-toxic natural soil conditioner promotes the healthy growth of lawns, gardens, trees and plants. Helps loosen "hard" (clayey) soils and remediate salt damage; available in easy-to-handle 40lb. bags.

Main Features

USG Sof'n-Soil® Lawn & Garden Gypsum is more soluble than limestone – making its calcium available to plants quicker and it helps to fix dead spots caused by road salt and animal urine. Easily applied with drop and rotary application equipment, it does not “bridge” or “stick” in a spreader like other lawn gypsum products. Sof'n-Soil® Lawn & Garden Gypsum:
  • Will not upset soil pH balance – it is a neutral material with a pH value near 7.0, unlike limestone and other lime products, which are alkaline materials (and raise soil pH – detrimental to acid soil-loving plants)
  • Will not change the chemical makeup of plant nutrients – unlike limestone which can increase the soil pH and change the chemistry of plant nutrients. Sometimes the affected nutrient becomes insoluble and is not available to plants. So, even with sufficient plant nutrients in the soil, an alkali condition can be created which causes plants to starve for nutrients.
  • Is a low cost, natural conditioner; promotes deep root growth
  • Is non-toxic and will not harm people or pets
  • Is OMRI Listed® - it may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

Documents & Files

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q & a

  • Is gypsum harmful to animals?

    No. On the contrary, USG Calcium Sulfate Feed Grade is used as a calcium enrichment for animal feed. USG Food and Pharmaceutical grade gypsum products are used in many human food and pharmaceutical applications. Gypsum should not be harmful if used appropriately.

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