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Micore® 300 Mineral Fiber Board

High-performance mineral fiber board handles easier than gypsum panels and particle board.



Versatile substrate and core — can be used for fabric and vinyl-covered wall panels, office dividers, tack boards, chalkboards and stove boards.

Main Features

VersatileMicore® 300 Mineral Fiber Board adapts to a variety of applications and outperforms gypsum panels in workability, with its organic mineral fibers that resist moisture and minimize expansion and warping.Micore® 300 Mineral Fiber Board:
  • Offers outstanding resilience, superior machinability, high "k" factor, heavy density and is the highest surface hardness of any Micore® board
  • Can be used as a substrate or core for a variety of applications
  • Outperforms particle and other wood fiber boards for flame spread and sound absorption
  • Is nearly 50% lighter than particle board – allowing for easier handling and lower shipping rates
  • Cuts quickly and easily using standard equipment; adapts readily to last-minute design changes
  • Is available in five thicknesses — 3/8", 7/16", ½", 5/8" and ¾"
NOTE: STC ratings tested per ASTM E90 and NRC is tested in accordance with ASTM C423; classified in accordance with ASTM E413

Documents & Files

Data Sheets & Specifications

Data/Submittal Sheet (English) PDF 213.5 KB

Catalogs & Brochures

Brochure (English) PDF 862.9 KB

SDS, Certifications & Reports

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Greenguard Certificate (English) PDF 681.8 KB
EPD (English) PDF 483.4 KB

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q & a

  • Can I paint Micore® Mineral Fiber Board?

    No, the painting of Micore will impair acoustical and fire performance and will void all manufacturer warranties.

  • Can I install ceramic on Micore® Mineral Fiber Board?

    This is not something we recommend. Instead, wesuggest using USG Durock® Brand Cement Board for this type of situation.

  • What is the difference between Micore® 160 and Micore® 300?

    The major difference between the two is density, Micore® 300 is 23±3 lbs./cu. ft. and Micore® 160 is 18±2 lbs./cu. foot.

  • What type of adhesive should I use to laminate fabric to Micore® Mineral Fiber Board?

    Do to the wide range of fabrics and glues on the market and how they may interact with one another we do not provide any specific recommendations.

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