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Exterior Ceilings


From parking lots to sheltered walkways to carports, exterior ceilings are an essential part of the way we design and build today. They must be functional and aesthetic, complimenting the design of a structure while performing in a wide range of wind, temperature and moisture conditions.

For decades, USG Exterior Ceiling Systems have been utilized in a wide variety of exterior applications. From satisfying stringent performance requirements and design criteria to providing beauty and durability, USG exterior ceiling systems ensure you have a complete system that’s built to last, while also delivering a lasting impression.

USG provides six exterior systems for use in exterior environments that are not directly exposed to the weather, such as under soffits, parking garages, covered entrances or drive-throughs:

These ceiling systems combine traditional modules, elegant linear pans, or metal panels with a specially engineered suspension system to create dynamic ceilings featuring clean, contemporary planes. Each ceiling system combines a specially engineered suspension system with either traditional modules, elegant linear pans or metal panels creating a dynamic ceiling with clean, contemporary planes and, most importantly, performance at the highest level.

USG has four Notice of Acceptance (NOAs) from Miami-Dade County in Florida for its exterior ceiling products. The NOAs cover: USG Celebration™ Snap-In Aluminum Exterior Ceiling System, USG Celebration™ Torsion Spring Aluminum Exterior Ceiling System, USG Paraline® Plus Aluminum Exterior Ceiling System, and USG Drywall Suspension System with Glass-Mat Sheathing. This honor is significant; Miami-Dade County has some of the strictest building codes in the country because of the severe weather the county faces, especially during hurricane season.

USG exterior assemblies were tested per: UL 580, UL 1897, TAS 202, and TAS 203, and listed in PEI Evaluation Report, PER-12055. For more information about UL Standards, please visit
For more information about Florida Building Code Testing Application Standards (TAS) please visit