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Structural Panel Concrete Foundation Wall

Designed to be fastened to load-bearing cold-formed steel studs for a nonrotting, noncombustible high-strength foundation wall. $4.90/sf SD; $7.50/sf XD MSRP based upon full truckload delivered to job-site. Visit www.PER15092.com for Code Report.



Cured-in-factory panel ideal for use in applications such as full-height basements, storm shelters, crawl spaces and cellars Structural Panel Concrete Foundation Wall is mechnically fastened to cold-formed-steel or wood-studs to form the structural foundation wall system in the construction of light-framed buildings up to three stories tall. This panel is the answer to a structurally stable, inorganic product that offers easy foundation installation and solves existing deteriorating brick foundation issues.

Main Features

A fast alternative to other foundation wall materials such as CMU and poured concrete or existing deteriorated plywood as a residential foundation wall.
  • Faster: No form work, no pouring, no setting, no curing
  • Nonrotting, termite-, mold- and moisture-resistant
  • Strong, durable concrete panel
  • Dimensionally stable, panel will not buckle or warp like wood sheathing
  • Easy installation:circular saw for cutting, screws for fastening
  • 3/4" panels provide thinner profile for foundation
  • Noncombustible—meets the criteria of ASTM E136-16 and CAN S114
  • Designed for full-height basements
  • Made in the USA
Foundation Wall – Code Report

Documents & Files

Data Sheets & Specifications

Data/Submittal Sheet (English) PDF 251.0 KB

Catalogs & Brochures

Brochure (English) PDF 77.9 MB

Project Profiles

Project Profiles (English) PDF 202.8 KB

Installation & Technical Manuals

Technical Guide (English) PDF 115.3 KB
Installation Guide (English)

SDS, Certifications & Reports

SDS (English) PDF 290.6 KB
SDS (Spanish) PDF 292.5 KB

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q & a

  • What tools are needed to install USG Structural Panels?

    A: It is typical carpentry tools which you can find on Recommended Tools Sheet (SCP96).

    For a list of the fasteners recommended with USG Structural Panels, reference our Recommended Fasteners Sheet (SCP95).

  • How do you install USG Structural Panel Concrete Foundation Wall?

  • Where can I find the load tables for USG Structural Panel Concrete Foundation Wall?

  • Are there UL Rated Wall assemblies for USG Structural Panels?

    A: Yes. We have 1, 2 and 3-hour UL rated wall assemblies.

  • Will USG Structural Panel meet code requirement?

    A: USG Structural Panel is compliant with the 2012, 2015 and 2018 IBC.

  • What are USG Structural Panels?

    A: USG Structural Panels are a portfolio of three products: Subfloor, Roof Deck and Foundation Wall. These cured-in-factory 3/4" panels are high-strength, fiberglass reinforced concrete panels for use in noncombustible construction. The panels are certified noncombustible by Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) in accordance with the current version of ASTM E136. Taking the place of traditional poured concrete & metal deck in cold-formed steel framing, USG Structural Panels are a lighter & easier solution, requiring only the basic carpentry tools for installing these panels.

  • Can the USG Structural Panels be used as a wall?

    A: Yes, static shear wall capacities available in Product Evaluation Report PER-13067


  • Is there a UL fire-rated system with USG Structural Panel?

    A: Yes. We have the simplest 2-hour assemblies G556 and H505 with one layer of drywall (ULIX). We have the most comprehensive testing database of any panel for different assemblies, which can be found at: www.USGStructuralUL.com

  • Who can install USG Structural Panels?

    A: The carpenter typically leads the installation of USG Structural Panel, which allows you to eliminate the many trades needed to pour concrete.

  • What are the common applications for USG Structural Panels?

    A: Subfloor is typically used in midrise buildings, health facilities, theaters, hotels, residential buildings and homes, multipurpose midrise buildings, panelized construction or in simple platforms or mezzanines. It is also used as the lightweight floor in permanent modular construction.

    Roof Deck can be used for commercial low-slope or residential sloped roofing, balconies, and canopies. To see more information on what can be applied to USG Structural Roof Deck, reference High Performance Roof Applications (SCP68).

    Foundation Wall can be used for foundation renovation or new building foundation construction, full-height basements, storm shelters, crawl space, and cellars.

  • Where has USG Structural Panel been installed?

    A: View USGStructuralVideos.com for Project Profiles on just a few of the projects that have used USG Structural Panel.

  • How do we achieve meaningful time saving on a project using USG Structural Panles?

    A: USG Structural Panel is easy to install (lay, fasten), and only requires a single trade. Unlike poured concrete, it can be installed in any weather and it eliminates the wait to cure and dry. Other trades (e.g. mechanical and electrical) can begin work sooner. Schedule compression leads to lower project cost and faster time to open.

  • What are the sizes of the USG Structural Panels?

    A: USG Structural Panels are:

    • 3/4" thick
    • 4' x 8'; 4' x 6'; 4' x 6'-8" panelsA
    • Pallet: 20 panelsB
    • Edge: T&GC
    1. Panels can be custom cut
    2. Can be requested to have 10 panels per pallet.
    3. Can also be Square Edge if requested.
  • Are all panels equivalent to USG Structural Panel?

    A: No. USG Structural Panel is the only UL-certified noncombustible cementitious panel in North America. USG Structural Panel offers the simplest 2-hour floor/ ceiling fire assembly which saves time and money.

  • Do you need to finish the joints when using USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor?

    A: No joint finishing is typically required for USG Structural Panels when used in a sub-floor application.

  • What are the benefits of using USG Structural Panels vs. poured concrete?

    USG Structural panels are:

    • Lighter – less weight, less overall structural material
    • Faster – no wait for curing, fewer trades (carpenters can install USG Structural Panels), greater schedule flexibility, faster time to open
    • Lower risk – no moisture uncertainty, cured so there is no excessive free water
    • Lower total installed cost – fewer trades, less material, less equipment, faster time to open
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