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Structural Panel Concrete Foundation Wall

Designed to be fastened to load-bearing cold-formed steel studs for a nonrotting, noncombustible high-strength foundation wall. $4.90/sf SD; $7.50/sf XD MSRP based upon full truckload delivered to job-site. Visit for Code Report.


Cured-in-factory panel ideal for use in applications such as full-height basements, storm shelters, crawl spaces and cellars
Structural Panel Concrete Foundation Wall is mechnically fastened to cold-formed-steel or wood-studs to form the structural foundation wall system in the construction of light-framed buildings up to three stories tall. This panel is the answer to a structurally stable, inorganic product that offers easy foundation installation and solves existing deteriorating brick foundation issues.

Main Features

A fast alternative to other foundation wall materials such as CMU and poured concrete or existing deteriorated plywood as a residential foundation wall.
  • Faster: No form work, no pouring, no setting, no curing
  • Nonrotting, termite-, mold- and moisture-resistant
  • Strong, durable concrete panel
  • Dimensionally stable, panel will not buckle or warp like wood sheathing
  • Easy installation:circular saw for cutting, screws for fastening
  • 3/4" panels provide thinner profile for foundation
  • Noncombustible—meets the criteria of ASTM E136-16 and CAN S114
  • Designed for full-height basements
  • Made in the USA
Foundation Wall – Code Report


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