Area Separation Wall System

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Fire-resistant systems create enhanced protection between townhouse units with shared walls.
Area Separation Wall Systems are non-load bearing, structurally independent panels that can protect townhouse units with common walls from fire-related damages. The System is thinner and at least 50% lighter than comparable masonry separation walls, making installation faster and easier.

Main Features

Area Separation Wall Systems are installed during the framing process to ensure a quicker construction process with fewer scheduling disruption.
  • 3½-inch thick panels are thinner and 50% lighter than competitive masonry separation walls
  • Non-load bearing and structurally independent panels are installed along the property line between adjacent units
  • Gypsum panel construction
  • Aluminum breakaway clips burn off in fires, allowing the the system to detach on the fire side, while the clips on the non-fire side remain intact and support the system
  • "Frame-as-you-go" installation ensures simple, seamless construction process

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