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  • How do I determine the proper gypsum cement product based on my end-use application?

    Select products based on the following:

    Strength — USG offers products having compressive strengths ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 psi.

    Flow Characteristics — USG formulates products to be extremely fluid, which is ideal for solid casting and capturing fine detail. USG also produces products with a lot of body for hollow castings and working characteristics needed by the end-user.

    Expansion — Expansion can be helpful for certain applications, or if the need is for close tolerances, we offer products that will perform well. See Literature Numbers IG504 and IG278.

    Set Time — The elapsed time from the moment the plaster and water come into contact until the time when the setting plaster has the ability to support an arbitrarily determined weight.

    Working Time — Do not confuse setting time with working time. Working time refers to changes in the viscosity of the slurry along the way to the set time. Working time is always less time than setting time and varies by product. It is not a published number as customer perception of working time varies based on application.