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  • What are some of the uses for Technical Gypsum Plasters and Cements?

    3-D Casting and Statuary — Gypsum Plasters and Cements can be used for castings, statues, and 3-dimensional figures. Various properties can be controlled including absorption for paint adherence, expansion, and chip resistance, to name a few.

    Tooling — Tooling Cements offer characteristics for close tolerance dimensional accuracy, carving, machining, and replication. USG also produces products for metal casting applications.

    Architectural Ornamentation — High-strength gypsum cements for architectural ornamentation are for use with glass fiber for fabricating glass-reinforced architectural details that are lightweight, fire-resistant, and thin-cast.

    Other — Gypsum Plasters and Cements are also used in a wide variety of other applications, including Dental, Ceramics, and Road Repair.