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Ceilings Recycling Program

The USG Ceilings Recycling Program helps preserve natural resources by taking back approved ceiling panels from any manufacturer and recycling them into new building materials. With the goal of preventing jobsite recyclable materials from being discarded into landfills, this program is yet another way for USG to advance its strong commitment to safeguard our environment.

Why Recycle?

At USG, we are proud to be a part of an industry that is actively taking responsibility for respecting and protecting the environment in which all of us live, work and play.

Benefits to You

  • Easy and cost-effective way for you to dispose of old panels
  • Saves you time and money by reducing trips to the dumpster and landfill fees
  • Minimizes space limitations on the jobsite
  • Contributes to LEED credits for construction waste management
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the environment

Benefits to USG

  • Allow USG to incorporate recycled waste into new ceilings that offer even higher recycled content
  • Reduces demand for natural resources

Benefits to the Planet

  • Reduces environmental impact and pressure on overburdened landfills
  • Preserves our natural resources
  • Brings waste back to life in a closed-loop process

Eligible Ceiling Products

  • Aspen™
  • Astro™
  • Eclipse™
  • “F” Fissured™ Basic
  • Fissured™ Basic
  • Frost™ Basic
  • Frost™
  • Glacier™ Basic
  • Mars™
  • Millennia™
  • Olympia™ Micro™
  • Orion™
  • Pebbled™
  • Radar™ Basic
  • Radar™
  • Rock Face™
  • Sandrift™
  • Touchstone™

For more information, view our detailed brochure or contact your USG sales representative.