Sustainability at USG

At USG, sustainability means building in harmony. We are committed to products that are in sync with the environment and the communities in which they are designed, manufactured, distributed and ultimately used. Learn more about what sustainability truly looks like at USG.

A history of sustainable business

At USG, we were committed to being a sustainable company long before "sustainability" and "green" became popular terms. It's the way we have always done business. Before environmental stewardship became a mainstream issue, we were concerned about how to reduce or reuse waste, use resources more efficiently and transform manufacturing byproducts into valuable resources. Our history of sustainability has led us to develop some of our industry's most forward-thinking, environmentally friendly building products, like SHEETROCK® Brand Gypsum Panels, which contain recycled materials, use minimal packaging and perform throughout a building's lifespan with minimal routine maintenance required.

Environment, community, company

Sustainability at USG is about more than just the environment. As we define it, sustainability is a concept that seeks to balance the current needs of USG with the needs of the future in three key areas:

  1. The environment in which we live
  2. The communities we serve
  3. The company that provides opportunity and creates value in the building supply industry

These three pillar priorities allow us to look beyond what is within our direct control and consider our influence both upstream and downstream from our operations.

Where we make an impact

We are focused on reducing the size of our environmental footprint throughout the product lifecycle from raw materials, product design, manufacturing processes, shipping and distribution, product use and recycling and reuse. We believe an end-to-end focus that includes the entire product development cycle is essential to reach our goals. Therefore, we have identified three corporate priorities where we believe we can make the most impact on sustainability

  1. Develop responsible solutions
  2. Enhance energy management
  3. Improve resource utilization

In each of our corporate sustainability reports, we use these categories as the guiding light by which we hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability.