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Nascar® Hall of Fame Project Profile

The brand new 150,000-square-foot NASCAR® Hall of Fame (HOF) was designed to project the speed and excitement of the sport. One breathtaking feature is the checkerboard ceiling of the HOF Great Hall, designed to mimic the gesture of the victory flag. However, due to budget limitations and value-engineering this iconic ceiling was almost never made.

Instead of settling on a 12-inch by 12-inch concealed cast product, the team decided to search for a solution that would allow the architect's original vision to shine through. To achieve this effect, non-perforated, white PANZ™ metal specialty ceiling panels with 6-foot by 6-foot openings were used in conjuncture with USG planks linear metal ceiling panels, 9 inches wide and 6 feet long. These panels filled the Panz openings in opposing horizontal and vertical patterns creating a subtle checkered flag effect.

This cunning design solution transformed a good hall into a Great Hall while keeping the total cost under budget.

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People Involved

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Architect

Warco Construction, Inc., Warco Construction, Inc.,

William Brigman, Specialty Contractor

Project Scope


Special Factors

Ceiling material originally specified would compromise the architectural vision. Limited budget.