Hydroperm® Metal Casting Plaster

Specialized plaster used for fabricating permeable plaster molds.


Specially formulated metal casting plaster that incorporates an air-entraining agent. Used for the precision casting of non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Main Features

Hydroperm® Metal Casting Plaster is a specialized plaster used for fabricating permeable plaster molds. Hydroperm® Metal Casting Plaster dries with a porous structure of small, uniform, interconnected cells just beneath its surface, offering channels through which steam or other mold gases can escape during the metal-casting operation. Hydroperm® Metal Casting Plaster:

  • Is formulated with HydrocalL® gypsum cement
  • Offers a smooth mold surface, carvability and controlled permeability
  • Is ideal for non-ferrous castings
  • Sets 12-19 minutes after mixing
  • Requires 100 parts water by weight per 100 parts plaster

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