Billo™ 3-Dimensional Panels

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colors & finishes: Agave


These light-weight, elegantly curved 3-Dimensional panels provide a dramatic visual element to flat ceiling planes. Billo™ 3-Dimensional Panels allow you to create a truly unique ceiling design that seamlessly integrates with standard acoustical ceiling systems. The sleek, lightweight panels fit into Donn® 9/16" narrow-profile suspension systems and allow full ceiling accessibility to provide easy, economical design options.

Main Features

Billo™ 3-Dimensional Panels allow lighting to be integrated in a variety of ways, making it easy to complement decor, establish a mood, and create visual sparkle.
  • Three-dimensional curved panels punctuate flat ceiling planes with rhythm and depth
  • 2'x2' pre-formed polycarbonate panels createmyriad patterns with just one simple panel shape
  • Lightweight, lay-in panels install into 9/16" narrow-profile Donn® brand suspension systems,allowing full ceiling accessibility
  • Luminous panels may be backlit with fluorescent strip fixtures or integrated with standard lay-in fixtures


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