Levelrock™ Brand No-Go™ Hydration Inhibitor

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Superior set-time retardation liquid Levelrock™ Brand No-Go™ Hydration Inhibitor is an extremely effective set-time retardation liquid sold exclusively to USG Levelrock® authorized applicators.

Main Features

Levelrock™ No-Go™ Hydration Inhibitor effectively slows the set time/lengthens the working time of all Levelrock® Floor Underlayments and certain Durock™ Brand Self-Leveling Underlayments (contact your USG/Alcorp Technical Representative for product viability). Levelrock No-Go Hydration Inhibitor:
  • Effectively slows setting time/lengthens working time of floor underlayments
  • Is a powerful retarder that should be used only after consulting with your USG/Alcorp Technical Representative
  • Is recommended for use during the initial and final rinsing of hoses
  • Is applied by Levelrock® authorized applicators

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