A concrete roof deck that can be combined with other noncombustible materials to create 1- and 2-hour fire-rated roof-ceiling assemblies.
The only cementitious structural panel approved by Factory Mutual (FM) - FM Approval Standard 4472. USG's Structural Panel Concrete Roof Deck can be applied with mechanical fasteners to serve as a structural substrate for direct-, mechinically-, or adhesive-applied roof systems. Structural Panels Concrete Roof Deck is an innovative technology designed to provide a structural roof sheathing without the need for thermal barriers, pouring, setting, or curing, which resolves the latent moisture issue commonly found in roofing with poured concrete.

Product Evaluation – Code Report - 14076
Assembly Evaluation – Code Report - 17108

Main Features

Structural Panel Concrete Roof Deck is versatile and economic option for both low and steep slope roofs. Unlike traditional roofing systems where multiple layers are required, Concrete Roof Deck is both the noncombustible structural sheathing and either the nail base or thermal barrier.
  • The only cementitious structural panel approved by Factory Mutual (FM) — FM Approval Standard 4472
  • Installed up to 48” on center over cold-formed steel framing, 1/4” bar joists, or wood framing, to create 1and 2 hour fire-rated roof/ceiling assemblies
  • Strong, durable concrete panel; great uplift ratings
  • Dimensionally stable; panel will not buckle or warp like wood sheathing; no moisture issues like traditional poured concrete
  • Lay, fasten and finish
  • Faster: Providing a dry construction method gives the ability to apply roof system immediately after Roof Deck installation
  • Meets the criteria of ASTM E136-16 for use in all types of noncombustible construction
  • Made in the USA


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