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Myth vs. Fact

Myth. Mold can be controlled by eliminating paper from a building material.
Fact. There are simply too many food sources in a residential project to prevent mold from growing by eliminating just one. Mold will grow on wood studs, insulation, and drywall, just to name a few materials. The most effective way to control mold is to control moisture.

Myth. Moisture cannot be controlled; therefore mold cannot be controlled.
Fact. Some level of moisture is indeed present at most construction sites, but proper storage and handling of during the building process, combined with best practices implemented during the design , construction and operational phases help prevent mold.

Myth. The “Control Moisture/Control Mold” is a new approach to the mold issue.
Fact. For years, the U.S. EPA has consistently stated to control mold, you must control moisture. USG is part of the Responsible Solutions to Mold Coalition, a group of building associations fully support the fact that moisture is the leading, and controllable, factor contributing to mold growth.

Myth. Mold-resistant building materials are the answer to the mold issue.
Fact. Mold-resistant products are effective only when used in conjunction with sound design and construction practices. When moisture is limited during the construction phase, mold-resistant products act as extra protection against mold growth when moisture (condensation, steam, dampness) is present.

Myth. Mold is a relatively new issue in the building material industry.
Mold has been around basically forever. The more recent increase in attention to the issue has mainly been due to the hurricanes which have affected the Gulf Coast in recent years. From a construction standpoint, increased attention can be attributed to the increasingly demanding construction schedules leading to building materials being exposed to the elements before the project is properly closed in.