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USG offers a range of ceilings products, many of which are guaranteed mold and mildew resistant for their lifetimes, under normal conditions.

Tile & Flooring Installation

USG offers a wide range of solutions for tile and flooring, from cement and glass-mat gypsum and Fiberock® backers, to self-leveling floor underlayments, membranes and accessories that are versatile, easy to install and provide performance you can trust. Many of these products are also mold and mildew resistant, scoring a perfect 10 on the ASTM D 3273 test.


Interior Panels

USG offers the industry's leading interior panels with active mold-inhibitors both on the paper and in the core. These gypsum panels are designed to inhibit mold growth by treating both the surface paper and the core with mold fighting agents.

The following commercial panels score a 10 (on a scale of 0 to 10) for mold resistance under the ASTM guidelines at the time of manufacture.


USG offers structural concrete panels for floors that are lighter than precast and poured in place concrete. They are ideal for new construction, mezzanines and adding to existing buildings.

The following structural concrete panels are resistant to mold growth. Independent tests by a certified laboratory confirmed no mold growth, recording a rating of 0 (zero) as measured by ASTM G21 and a rating of 10 as measured by ASTM D3273.