CGC is committed to helping you create sustainable spaces that require fewer resources to build, operate and maintain.  As a leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of gypsum wallboard products, interior finishing materials and suspended acoustical ceilings, environmental impact is always top priority.  Many products help, meet or exceed requirements of the industry's most popular green building and sustainability standards. In addition, CGC capitalizes on their nationwide manufacturing and distribution network in order to source locally produced products to further  minimize environmental impact.

As part of the global USG network, CGC has the advantage of benefiting from the innovative environmental practices that their US parent company, USG develops and deploys.  As a global company, USG has reduced energy requirement over the past 100 years while also converting to cleaner burning fuels such as natural gas.
When compared to most other building materials (glass, steel, aluminum, fibreglass, paint, plastic etc), embodied energy of USG products is much lower. In a general sense, USG's products  contain a high level of recycled content, use minimal packaging and can be maintained through minimal maintenance.

CGC's environmental policy calls for continuous improvement in energy conservation, waste-water treatment, material reclaiming and recycling programs in order to continue to create and build spaces that not only perform and inspire but protect for generations to come.